Who is emily dating on pretty little liars The Love Interests

Who is emily dating on pretty little liars

Wordlessly, Emily leaves, catching Jenna's flute playing before she goes, which she is probably composing for the school play. Spencer tells Emily not to ask Toby what happened between them, and Emily is livid, not understanding why Spencer wouldn't want her to talk to Toby seeing as they're friends. Through a Glass, Darkly.

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Pam says Alison's kidnapping story has some "problems. When Ella collects the test, she asks Emily if she studied and if she is alright. Emily, who is sad to see Alison in this state, asks what she means. Spencer lets the other girls know that Alison had something on Toby, besides him being a supposed Peeping Tom. They are giving each other a hug when Pam walks over and cheerfully meets Maya, though she's a little taken aback when Maya hugs her. Emily snaps at her to stop it and the two exchange a look. Emily appreciates Toby's artwork on his lab notebook. Toby Cavanaugh Spencer Advertisement.

Spencer voices her suspicion about Melissa sudden decision for children. The two then spot a flier calling for a French tutor to help a home schooled student learn French. Samara accepts, and this dinner seems like it will be very different than the last time a girlfriend of Emily's came over.

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The girls reveal that they have unblocked their phones. She states that she woke up covered in dirt and she wouldn't help, and wants to know why she left her in the cold ground.

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Believing Maya has corrupted Emily, she is able to have Maya sent away to "True North", a camp for juvenile delinquents, which causes Emily and her mother's relationship to suffer even more. After dinner Emily asks her mother why she wanted to have Alison over.

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Back at play practice, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna review their lines and discuss the motives of their characters, no doubt finding parallels to their own lives. Emily, who is in denial, says that just because A. Later, Spencer alerts the girls, who must sneak out of their homes to rendezvous in the middle of the night. Emily then says that they are all so sorry, and that she is so sorry. Alison agrees and says that is exactly why they should go back to their room. Ali thanks her by Paige quickly says that it wasn't a compliment.

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Thrown From The Ride. He basically criticizes anything that makes the room feel inhabited and homey, and Emily is heartbroken. Emily leaves, saying she needs to go to class. A stretcher with a body bag atop it is then wheeled past where they are standing. Following, Emily tells Spencer that Alison sounded frightened, and Emily urges the possibility of using Mary to visit Alison, since Mary's family.

Emily whom is emilies dating on pretty little liars with the member about Paige's situation.

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Sequentially, a message from "A. Ian is then buried, and the girls dust their hands of Ian and the earth that buries him. Out of Sight, Out of Mind. A few months before they met, he told Wetpaint what he looks for in a relationship.

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He lets Emily know that Jenna was the one who turned him in, putting Emily's fears to rest that Toby think she violated his trust. Ali asks when she did it, and Em nervously responds that she knows it's early and it won't be a permanent situation, but while the baby is here he or she should have a room. The girls are cooperative. Emily lets Ben know that Maya is staying at her place, and Ben seems okay about it.