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Austen's books on the specific topic of meeting men? If she's dumb enough to pass on a good thing, some other woman won't be.

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I'm sorry this happened as I know it's very hurtful and confusing. I can't wrap my head around why someone would lead you on for 3 months and then just dispppear - I get going out with someone a couple times and doing that - but not 3 months. You are not breaking his heart. That thinking is bull.

Some examples are simple texts after you have given her time like: Neediness and desperation are major turn offs to women and often times why they go cold on a guy they seem so into. If she gives you a non-committal response without reasons why, then you've been written off.

Not sure if she was interested in the first place?

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We've gone on maybe a dozen or so dates and she has stayed with me maybe times. It happens to the best of us: And, even though he will likely bounce back, there is no denying that being turned down is difficult.

Sometimes it was mutual and other times it was on my part.

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We are not talking marriage proposals or vows of loving fidelity. Gottman's book, The Man's Guide To Women found that eye contact is the most important signal a woman can give a man to let him we were dating and she disappeared she would like his attention. Read our article about 6 Common Indicators of Interest.

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It may not guarantee that I'll find a boyfriend, but adding in some humility sure seems like I'll be on a better track. Photo via flickr user Gilderic Photography ","primarySectionIds": One of the greatest struggles avoidants have is a difficulty recognizing their own emotions, let alone talking about them.

She spoke of people ending relationships without notice in such a cavalier manner that she made it seem like it was common practice. We're missing a lot of information. You could decline his next date.

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I would find a new woman. You see, if you are "not going for what you want" - ultimately, your sending a signal that you value your needs less than hers The purpose of dating is to spend time in person.

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Emma's perfect match was literally right in front of her all along. If I didn't think that was there - I wouldn't have any problem just "moving on" The list goes on and on.

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If you question her she will say she was stressed with work, the family coming, any number of dumb excuses and if you press her she will say you are a jerk and she needs time and some space to think about things. Austen heroines unfortunately have to suffer through many a boring sitting room gathering, talking to the same person for great lengths of time. Guys, how do you handle it when she disappears after things started well?

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And she went for it.