Taeny dating 2014 See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Taeny dating 2014

But, as chances of TaeNy are growing bigger as of today, evidences of khunfany too are still surfacing around.

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The music for Mr Mr had just begin, indicating that it was time for their encore. Cos that is just plain dumb.

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Remember what she said. So datings 2014 just say…lets just say. And she also said tht she want used d same perfume or scent w Taeyeon and walk hand in hand when winter come. This should be filtered Adult-oriented content is currently being hidden but this post still showed up.

Happy Birthday, Kim Taeyeon! (Warning! Rated M)

TaeNy went to Disneyland in Japan together, but no one knew. How hilariously embarrassing dude. Or are you a soshi member to judge who is real and whats not?

And he would say or do anything without thinking twice this dating 2014 is just dying for fame. Now I can start to really believe that KhunFany is a cover. What makes me laugh for a good time is seeing those tiny pathetic pest saying: Seohyun said Taeyeon was so cool to do that.

He jumps into any pit hole for that. But that doesnt means i have to ship them. This post may contain sensitive media. Good Job Maneger Hwang.

With that acting skill in 10 years, they can get God knows how many Oscar awards. TaeNy radio show like a fanfic so dating ur bf together its so much funny lol. Keep believing in your own truth. Nothing wrong for the first one, but delulu fans choose the other one, which is dumb.

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Yeah…generous to you, only you, Fany ah. I still love Tiffany Hwang as the person herself.

I believe you guys still remember about radio Sukira in when TTS were guests. Since when did SNSD made you a judge? I've forgotten my password.

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I believe you guys still remember about radio Sukira in when TTS were guests. Many of us know that when TaeNy goes out with each other, they always disguise themselves as ninjas with masks, hats, sunglasses, thick coats…There will be some people say that when they go out with other members, they also do the same things. They prefer spending silent and peaceful time with each other. From this point, you can also see one thing that TaeNy likes to stay low in everything. You currently have javascript disabled. And your question is just stupid.

Welcome u to TaeNyLand ^^

But among that happy occasion, Tiffany was silently standing at the back, her eyes tearing as she felt emotional. Position image Cancel Done. I have been through this. Comments You must be logged in to comment.