Suzy bae dating lee min ho The Truth Behind Suzy Bae Refusing To Marry Lee Min Ho

Suzy bae dating lee min ho

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The First Tour in America Pt. By Inami May 29, He also worried for her image when the scandal broke out to the public. Her friends continued to dig any information about the kiss saying if she didn't want to answer the question about her last kiss, she'd better tell them about her first kiss.

Everyone must have thought Suzy would be devastated once Lee Min Ho is off to the military. Don't miss a beat!

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Lee Min Ho's agency, StarHaus, gave the following statement: After secret whirlwind dates in London, the two mega stars have officially confirmed their budding romance. Shelly M is an author and blogger.

He is so chic that there are even rumors amongst airplane members and staffs. According to Korea PortalSuzy got her fortune told years ago and it said that 31 is the best age to get married, denying the suzy bae dating lee min ho rumors that surfaced online. Celebrities and fans mourn the sudden death of actor Kim Joo Hyuk 0 0.

In the meantime, Lee Min Ho is set to go on his military duty sometime soon this year.

Lee Min Ho and Suzy celebrate two years of togetherness with an intimate party

The program debuted on January 15 and is geared around Suzy as the camera follows her in her daily routines. Therefore, although Lee Min Ho's name wasn't specifically mentioned, when she answered about how often she goes on dates, we don't need to be reminded who her boyfriend is. Update your email address Unfortunately we were unable to retrieve your email address during sign up.

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Please sign in to comment. Even during their dates, Suzy had a hard time not trying to get exposed to the public. They confirmed dating shortly after. This was thanks to their join single, "Dream", that came out with a smooth jazz and neo soul sound theme to it.

The 7 best Chinese TV dramas for beginners 0 0. With the show, she shared a glimpse of her to her beloved fans, all the way from waking up to the moment that she goes to bed.

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Unfortunately we were unable to retrieve your email address during sign up. Suzy also cares for her family so much that she is always careful in her actions that may affect her family.

Suzy reveals how often she goes on dates with Lee Min Ho

Follow her personal blog at BTSCelebs. According to CelebeatSuzy Bae says that she previously went to a fortune teller, and she was told that she would be married when she's already 31 years old. Suzy hastily responded with a quick reply, saying that she dates Lee Min Ho once a month. Ever since the many news about their relationship resurfaced, more and more fans clamored for more updates regarding the K-pop couple.

Guess who they even go on double dates with?

Lee Min Ho and Miss A's Suzy confirmed to be dating

Suzy then revealed she had her first kiss while filming kissing scene in "Dream High". Around their one-year anniversary, Lee Min Ho and Suzy started wearing matching couple rings. Please sign in to comment. With it, he asks if she often goes on a date with her heartthrob boyfriend. To silence all of the speculations about their relationship and possible marriage, Suzy Bae finally spoke up to the press.

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