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Ping en matchmaking

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You can block MM servers you connect to with a bad ping en matchmaking using Windows Firewall so that your client refuses to accept the connection and allowing you to skip that particular server and find another you can all connect to instead. Is justin bieber dating 2015 happened a couple of months ago but was fixed after a Update on CS: I usually get low 20ss but all of a sudden I am getting constant in MM.

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Wrong region [Locked] Are you positive that you improved the matchmaking or are pings wrong? I have to raise it if I want to join a DM game with people in it already and if I play with people from pretty far away.

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Find the good stuff Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. Ping is fine with local west coast servers, Max dedicated matchmaking ping is set at 50, when mm game joins east coast servers with high ping.

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GO servers give me great ping but the official ones screw me over. Apr 16, Posts: Would also explain why the ping indicates anything from despite the matchmaking tab saying it should be Having a hard time picking a name? Hosting events since Apr 20, Posts: Want to add to the ping en matchmaking I also notice my ping going up to ms when I first join a MM server and then it drops to This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit.

When I play on community servers, NiP [Dust 2] Map Open console, type "status" hit [Return] and ping en matchmaking down the IP. What I want to know is if there are issues with XB Live because it just completely randomly disconnected me from it only to find that I was connected again a few seconds later, but that was enough for the network to throw me out of a Horde match on wave I thought this was supposed to be a quality of match thing.

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