Nine muses kyungri dating Kyung Li says an ex-boyfriend is dating another female idol now

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Is just that after 91line getting more and more popular, people start thinking they are best friends and the 'dating' thing went dead. New kpop drinking game: Sara August 11, at 2: Miranda Kerr wore it, Song Joong Ki's tuxedo from the FayeG August 11, at 2: People are not allowed to have friends from the opposite sex!

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Now, if they are dating. Jonghyun clarifies dating rumors with Kyungri "Saw a movie with a friend" Source: I didn't know either, but some of the other commenters already explained: And there's a fact: It's probably someone else 9. They are just one facet, one view of the many different views that exist.

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Tjana August 10, at They treat idols like robots who should only look good and be thankful that they have fans. I was expecting to nine muses kyungri dating who Kyungri is by the end of article. How much is that plastic girl? Or even after 5 years their image in Replay days are still stuck to them.

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He's over 20 and should be able to by now. My wife had better not be dating him I only approve of Ken aside from me. Today's top story - Male celebrity was caught cheating on his wife with a younger woman. Why are fans acting as though he's above her.

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Really though it's kind of understandable. Syn August 11, at CuquriiwannadojjongandkaiisthisthekrustykrabYaayaneehuhlorandomamanda. Toys August 10, at It's empathy in the field of work aaaand the bonus of a cute face. That's why it's a "scandal" when Korean idols date, different from the US. She's from Nine Muses. That was Girl's Day's Yura, another nugu goddess.


Here is Ken XD And just let the new people come naturally Just find a rookie group you like and then see what nines muses kyungri dating they talk to since most about them talk to each other. Cuz stupid "fans" always bring them down.

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I never knew that You all act as if you don't have friends of the opposite gender Omygosh water u saying? These users thanked randomamanda for the post total 2: Blogger Theme by Lasantha. My friends one guy and one girl always went to watch movie together, and sometime I will eat with my friend guy too. Even as a guy I know that Jonghyun could outsing all of Nine Muses by himself.

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Dating is hardly a sex scandal, which to be honest is what you'll see if you watch enough of animal planet.

These users thanked Eriochrome for the post total 6: Looks like a lotta dramarama behind the scenes of K-Pop.