Left handed dating 15 Reasons to Date a Lefty

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Here are 11 reasons why you should date someone left-handed. In psychology we would probably regard that as a leading question, and we would worry about it.

Scientific input

I've never dated a lefty yet, lol. Apparently lefties are better at learning to drive — at least in the U.

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I did try to analyse by decade but there seems to be a pretty wide variation in the data and as the sets for each decade are much smaller I am not sure how valid it is. I think this can be considered a pretty random sample of birth date data for lefthanders though it is skewed towards females because that is the balance of our customers and newsletter readers.

About us Customer services Ordering questions? If you want to know how left handed dating your brain really is, try beating your meat with the oppostie hand.

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Research shows that left-handers are better divergent thinkers, meaning they commonly explore more than one possible solution to a problem. I am right-handed, but of the 7 of us my siblings and me3 were left-handed.

Suddenly seasonality [of left handed births] seems to be of interest to people again!

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I did try removing the August data, and left handed dating the effect is of very marginal significance not at all against flat, and only just there in the other groups. Bill Gates, Marie Curie, and Aristotle were all left-handed. With less than 25 percent of the population being left handed.

The problem, potentially, is that on the website you flag up the dates you are interested in and you particularly mention August which then is way above all of the others…. Lawrence University, it was reported that more lefties had IQs over when compared with their right-handed counterparts. Refills for Cartridge Pens. Left-handers can be left handed dating proficient in music, languages, and art. You can see the original article and survey form here Thank you to all who contributed.

All year long leftys live in a predominantly right-handed world, clumsily confirming to standards and products designed for the majority.


The school I went to forced this. Online dating cocky funny all try to multitask but that doesn't mean we're all good at it. Looking at the sex ratios by month was a good idea, as these should really be pretty stable throughout the year.

I will be noticing it now though since the thought has been embedded in my head. Less males in Jun More males in August. Tired of a lull in your love life? So, difficult to know what to make of it, but very impressive that you can get so many participants so quickly. My younger sister, who is a leftie, has been married twice, both times to lefties My younger sister, who is a leftie, has been married twice, both times to lefties.

I did not see the request for data for your survey, but my input confirms yours.