Intj dating problems 7 Secrets About Dating an INTJ Personality Type

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I've always thought that I was a sociopath because I was the only one.

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I do want to be in contact with a few selected people, but not with everyone, I simply dont need justification from others. Sadly though, he moved away. It is not, however, impossible. The only trend was that INTJs are picky. My family and some friends are always making jabs at my lack of relationships.

While many of these points are spot on, I can give you real life example on part 7 from my life. It is normal for an INTJ to want to solve any problem that crosses their path. Update Dec 9th, I know we should be able to talk through these thingsā€¦ and trust is important. I had one particular case when a man decided to declare himself and it just made me paralytic, because he had basically emotion vomited all over me.

He only wanted attention.

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The introverted intuition factor can prevent this individual from sharing personal information even with a trusted partner. I agree completely that a different process must be honoured. Yeas, Love, exactly that!

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I sing and play guitar. He thought I was not being at all romantic. All we really ask is that you understand how much our work means to us, and that you show your support.

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We had a ton of datings problems in common: They want to constantly improve their game and continually get their partner off in better, more creative dating problems. Thank you for putting it so clearly! They probably have a better sense of themselves than most types. I'm only scanning through these comments, and as I can see, many of us are single In fact, we're killing the buzz 90 percent of the time.

As a wife of an INTJ- I can tell you, we notice how difficult it is and we appreciate your efforts even more: We are okay with not celebrating Valentine's Day. Insights and datings problems do. The more I learn about my INTJ personality type, the more I wonder how I ever attracted a wife in the first place, let alone kept her for over 37 years so far.

So hurry it up already. She needs more space than any woman I have ever met. This is an expression of respect, refraining from correcting or sharing opinions until after the partner has finished talking.

If repeated, they may have little patience for repeat offenses.


This sound very accurate. Am I the only one that believes that we have really strong feelings actually and they are deep inside, protected and not on the surface for everyone to see.

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On the first date, she even brought along her best friend as a sort of group date. Thank you for your response!