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Hammond leslie hookup, connecting to a late model hammond™ tonewheel console

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Either way, make sure to put the Leslie load resistor switch in the off position. To avoid confusion count pins 1 through 6 as above while viewing the socket from the rear where you solder the wires from the organ. The was designed nominally to connect to Hammond console organs which have balanced G-G outputs.

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Now you have amplified audio into your box, you can install the rest of it as you normally would This is free information and you are welcome redistribute it under certain conditions; see http: It was mostly unsuccessful, but a number of these cabinets were sold. Spinet-type Leslies without power amps have their speaker s connected directly to pins 1 and 6.

Garnets are starting to command respectable prices out here halfway between Montreal and Toronto. If you want to read more about the Series 10 cabinet, click on the graphic.

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Dairiki and the other authors of the content, whoever they may be. Last edited on June 3, 9: As soon as you said "Garnet" I knew you were a fellow Canuck. I would also recommend picking one which is just a head, but if you pick a combo amp, you want to pick one that has a speaker out jack. However, some Leslie connector kits pick up signal and AC power from the console tone cabinet socket, so they are listed here for reference. Mike Fulk says the addition of two 0. It can be disconnected and used to send control voltages be careful: Originally Posted by ThomasP.

This hook-up is intended for Hammond tonewheel consoles with Balanced a. The signal at your outlet box is too hot for a guitar amp, but if you search this forum, you should find instructions for doing a line out on a CV. While this does work, it's a pretty silly design.

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Note that using motorcycle dating sites canada approach you don't need a hookup transformer inside the organ, and can hook the Leslie straight up to G-G. Absolutely no warrantee is made as to the correctness of the information on this page.

If a third speaker is used, a power relay should be used to reduce the electrical load on the organ.

Hammond CV Leslie Hookup

RT-3 with the components from a PR tone cabinet installed in the organHammond console organs with built-in power amplifiers like the A series can drive type Leslies directly from the speaker outputs. In this case, one of several standard Leslie connector kits can be used and a custom hookup is not required. As described above, the stock Leslie Hookup Kit s use an isolation transformer to isolate the G-G outputs from the common-mode DC control voltage. There's a bunch of us around here SweetPete, jdoc.

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Do you have a set of switches for the CV? Models GK, Gulbransen, selected Lowrey theatre models.