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Flirtnet internet dating

Blocked members will not be able to contact you via the site, and you will not be able to contact members who blocked you. Term and termination 3. You acknowledge that if your registration data is untrue or not current, we reserve the right to terminate your use of dating. When you terminate your membership to the service you must cancel any billing you see on the Payments history page of your account at www.

A small administration charge may be deducted from the amount paid. Using the service and www. You must keep a copy of this information as this may be required if you want to cancel your payment agreement.

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Once you have completed your online registration at www. Should you think that copyrighted material has been posted on the site you need to contact www.

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Members must review these Terms regularly to make sure they read and understand the most current version of it. By using this service you accept that any member profiles, messages and communication may not be genuine. If you are unhappy with any subscription fee changes you may terminate your membership by writing to us using Contact Us form on www. Flirtnet our sms and wap-based mobile dating service is growing nicely. Whilst we reserve the right to dating websites sad or remove content deemed offensive by www.

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There is a lot of room for innovation with micro-billing models when it comes to mobile as well so we are dating various trials to see what works. If you feel that our services have been defective in any way, please contact us with your reasons for claiming a refund providing your user registration details and Payment Transaction ID Number.

Please read these Terms of Use carefully to make sure you understand them. We reserve the right to immediately suspend or terminate your access to the service, without notice, upon any breach of these Terms by you brought to our attention.

You should evaluate what you see when involved in internet communication with people who are unknown to you such as when you are using message services and be aware that people may not necessarily be who they say they are and that people may provide information or behave in a way that is unreliable, misleading or illegal. Any personal contact information will be removed.

Amount refunded will be calculated on a pro-rated basis, dependent upon the length of time that you have used your membership. Disputes between members 5. Unless there is a technical error in the operation of the website, Adult's Flirt Net has a no-refund policy after the services have been used.

Modifications to the Terms www. If granted, all refunds dating be processed within 30 days of your application.

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That caution is particularly relevant if you are asked your surname, place of work, address or telephone number or if you are asked to arrange a meeting. By using this service you accept that any member profiles, messages and communication may not be genuine and the service is for entertainment purposes only.

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Visitors to the www. Terminating membership does not cancel payments automatically. You are not allowed to authorise others to use your membership or your account on www.

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We expanded into Italy with a large mobile player called Zero9 and are currenty launching in the US market with them as well. When you register, you agree to provide us with accurate, current and full information about yourself, and to update your information on the site when it changes. Your profile and its contents may be searchable by third-party search engines, for example Google, MSN, etc. Relying upon such opinion, member profile, advice, statement or information is at your own risk.

This includes but is not limited to photographs, images and text.

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He advises leading industry brands and enjoys working with dating site startups.