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Unity TnC Captains Draft 4. I would consider it some kind of miracle if I played 10 games on NA servers without a single person intentionally feeding, going AFK, or breaking their items. It's about the "giving up" mentality. I still dont understand why Solo Ranked isnt only queue as 1 while Party Ranked is only queue as 2,3 and 5. Find the good stuff Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone.

Which in reality it doesn't even, if you already know they are good for nothing besides arguing with each other just mute them yourself and like magic the toxicity is completely out of sight.

DOTA 2 matchmaking system = a bad joke

They think that coz they are good, they can just sacrifice this game mmr and get it back next game just to ruin someone that annoyed them. And it was all because of a Furion who just jungled and refused to help the team.

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Randoming heroes like that who run with highly predictable or one-dimensional game plans puts your team at a draft disadvantage right off the start and likely the whole way through, so it seems highly questionable to let someone put the team's chances to a dice roll in ranked.

However if it's just a straight up lane mechanics loss into snowball, which is what will happen in the case I'm talking about with big skill disparities, there's really nothing to learn. Just to add, because this isn't long enough: You will be assured of 3k players.

Maybe he bought the account at 7k and volvo is doing good placing him with 1. Separating party ranked players from solo players, or eliminating party ranked altogether mixing both queues won't fix the problem of imbalanced matches.

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It would be much better for me to watch a 4k or 5k player than to watch, say, rtz. This is how it worked for years. Limits on who you can play with will cause issues. I'll play any lane. I will keep it muted from now on. But in general I think you're right. Oh yes, yes they are. If we do it, then we have ruined the experience for someone else, as they have ruined it for us.

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Also the problem with random is, u decide to go safelane and than this guy random carry and take ur lane and there starts argument and those 2 goons now flame eachother to death and u can't play anymore.

Go post this on the stickie 2 bad matchmaking http: You're forgetting to account for how ranked works. If there's one thing I admire about Riot, it's that they 2 bad matchmaking their user experience seriously. How can you possibly think that matching a level player against a level 17 player is even somewhat viable?

Lower mmr players get faster queues, lower mmr spreads, can queue whenever, and can experiment us army 72 virgins dating service. I was one of many that rejoiced in seeing harsher punishments for frequent LPQs. That should just straight up be a 24h cooldown or something.

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