Dating someone who is married for papers Green Card Marriage: I Paid A Man To Marry Me For US Citizenship

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I am absolutely in love with him and I want to be with him. Best of luck, OP. Also, at the two year mark they have to reapply for her green card and still prove they are in a legitimate relationship.

MissDre October 17,9: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. So if he decides he wants to get divorced in two years, that may not be something she's going just go along with, because it will cause her to be deported. It's not easy, cheap or fast. If I were him, I would stay way out of it.

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I met his older brother when he came to visit my boyfriends home. FireStar October 17,2: At the very least, he doesn't care about your feelings regarding marrying another woman and to me that's I can understand that he wasn't ready to be married to you, but then he has to make a decision: Julia October 17, Nah, this is a good idea.

I actually am married and in love with a Canadian. Monday 30 November All I hear is he isn't available to marrythough you occupy his home as though you are his wife.

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This relationship is going absolutely nowhere. I do realize that. I truly love her and I believe the love is mutual. According to Criminal Defense Lawyer:. I feel like I've been asking him tons of questions already, and it looks like there are many many more to ask.

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What would you do if marrying for citizenship was the only way you could guarantee yourself to stay here? As long as he doesn't have the necessary papers, he will not take the risk.

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The immigration and green card procedure is a long, long process and there were plenty of opportunities to rethink this. He apologized, told me does care about me and respect me, etc etc.

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Tell him he fucked up, you're through and wish him well on his legal troubles. Sounds like she's an dating someone who is married for papers too, for going along with this immoral, illegal scam. If he was so eager to be married, why wasn't it to you? He could very well call INS on you and report your sham marriage.

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They had joint accounts on his cell phone plan. One of the questions the interviewer would ask why did you filed for divorce only after five years and he better have a legitimate reason to avoid denial.

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She lied to me about loving me.