Dating old photos australia Identifying Photograph Types

Dating old photos australia

Sometimes the photos even have the dates written on them but constant republishing has hidden this or disassociated the image from the original with the date on dust storms at Broken Hill are a good example.

Cased Images and Tintype KwikGuide and. The last tip I have is to gain experience in getting a general idea of the date range a photograph may fall into by reading and looking at Australian pictorial history books. In the early s hems lengthened to the calf again, becoming fuller and more feminine, fluid, draped fabrics creating the soft, clinging styles that were fashionable for much of this decade.

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Thanks Elizabeth, those books certainly sound worth a browse, if not reading cover to cover! Some time ago, I suggested there was an urgent neglect of sundry photo collections Australia-wide. It got us thinking…. Ties were wide and boots were rounded.

Style clues & cues in antique photos

SheKnows is making some changes! I am not sure of a single website that encompasses the lot! The dating info is held by the owners of the lines and in these unstable days of corporate change we find that even the Gas companies and Private owners may be the heritors.

Can you only see image from an angle?

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My only tip for identifying photos is: Bell bottomed trousers sometimes with a split at the side appeared in the 's. For more detailed advice and to see further dated images for comparison, it is worth checking back over some of the photographs used to illustrate previous blogs in this series and also consulting some of the books listed in further reading.

By bodices had more comfortable necks with collars. In a dramatic change occurred and fashionable skirts rose to just below or on the knee, these shorter hemlines remaining in vogue until at least and offering a firm dating guide.

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Here are several sites that can help you put your aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents on the right branches of your family tree. To dating old photos australia but a few.

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Thanks to lifeasdaddy and shaunahicks originally tweeted by FamilyStories. In the 's portraits were plain, often with no photographer's name. What decade is this photograph from, see the changes of the designs on the back through time and a brief description of fashion changes Which Back?

I have only identified eleven of them so far. Save time - Find your Answers - The Kwik Way Easy to store and carry, KwikTip research guides are perfect for quick reference in the home, office, library, and on research trips. As one of the other respondents has noted the photographer can also give a clue to the date of production.

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Carte de visite printer. Photo Characteristic Photo Type Is image shiny like a mirror? Share Tweet Pin Share. Plainer, shirt-like blouses were becoming usual for everyday wear, the 'tailor made' suit comprising fitted jacket and matching skirt providing a practical outfit for the modern woman of the new century.

By the s, the dating waltham movements dating old photos australia was also a fashionable choice, its distinctive jacket characterised by a cloth belt and stitched down vertical pleats. Flickr collections by era These contributed photographs are grouped by decade, and the multitude of images will provide you with a helpful frame of reference to compare your vintage photos.

Obviously some of these processes overlap, but they do give a starting point if no other clues are available. For example BobMeade and I got this photo down to the nearest minute!

Practical tips:

Waistcoats had a deep "V". A small number of thick wires supported on just one or two crossarms would be electric power wires made of copper or aluminium. Australian Residential Architectural styles: Many images in our collection have come to us with only the barest of details attached. Who was the photographer of the image?. These dates are relatively easy to establish especially with locomotives and in many cases with wagons and passenger cars. Details concerning the type of photographic paper used can also assist the dating process.