Dating old houses Dating an old house

Dating old houses

After the use of circular saws became widespread aroundsplit lath was still used in rural areas, but elsewhere the fastest, cheapest way of producing dating old houses became sawing boards into thin, regular strips.

A Guide to Finding the Age of Older Homes

Older houses usually haven't been built all in one piece and all at one time. In addition, examine the wall placement and perceived changes in the floor plan. For example frogged bricks appear from the early s. Back at my house, I grapple with the reality of restoring a house sensitively while making it suitable for modern living.

Architectural sleuthing also goes better with active observation skills. You can always try an old trick real estate agents often use: One has the year in one of its articles, but I can't tell if it dates the paper itself.

A date may appear on a datestone over the door, or on particular items, such as lead drainpipes, or materials such as bricks, which may have the maker's name stamped within the frog.

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Dendrochronology can give the exact year in which timber is felled and is especially useful for vernacular buildings that dating economics hard to date by style. We also found information about Post's family father, Ebeneezer, wife Mary, her parents which includes her mother's maiden name a woman must have written this genealogyand five daughters!

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Index to all stories in this series. A British coin, with woman and harp on one side We found a missing link -- we are very, very lucky because the empty lot next to us, inhad a house right up against ours. The door literally creaked open a crack and I heard a voice say, "yes? Now that we know Post had dating old houses daughters, I wonder if that had something to do with her staying at the house?

In addition to providing dates, these records will give you names of everyone who ever purchased the land your house is on—or whoever filed a lawsuit against it! I could hear her talking to a man and he to her, and then she started dating old houses questions down the stairs to us, and I up to her, signing for Jude who is deaf the whole time.

I have traced what's here and sent the design to a blacksmith who wants to hand forge the hardware for the house.

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We discovered the Registry of the Historic District -- and there was our house, 35 Franklin Street, central chimney vernacular, circa ! But all of the old paper records have not been transferred to computer-readable formats—and may never be. They got good at making certain kinds of hinges, and those hinges became more and more uniform.

So that's yet to be dug up, and of course, as soon as the library archives open up again, I'm going hunting for Annie.

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Most are attached with original nails and just a couple modern screws. The only really interesting documents we came away with were an petition by the residents of Franklin Street including our mariner Post's signature requesting the town to accept Franklin Street and also widen and lengthen it up to Milk Street.

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The building materials and construction methods used for your home contain many clues. We know from the sales deed mentioned above that this house was built before This riven lath helps date Nancy's house to pre Morris as a national collection of mouldings data from major medieval and early Renaissance buildings c. So it's likely that Nancy's mortar is made with local materials.