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He said no he really wanted to pursue a relationship with me. There's nothing more comforting then falling asleep next to someone you care about while they stroke your hair or even wrap their arms around you. Of course, the 3 prior marriages are a matter of public record and not something I regret.

He was only spending time with me because I was someone who could give him that easy ego stroke when he felt like it.

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A guy who has placed you in Category 1 wont take this pushback well. You really think a shy guy could pull the strokes that he was?

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Tell me about it. This is exactly my life right now. As I think about my core values now, honesty emerges as number one.

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You genuinely love each other and say so on the reg. At 46 I feel I am just doing it properly for the first time. To answer your question directly then — I would suggest you are doing the right thing. The kind of guy who holds onto the bottom of the crisp packet when he offers you one.!!

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I said, we dated. I need this emblazoned on my forehead. I still have moments of being insecure and am trying to work out some trust issues, but when I get in the mindset that I am in charge of my own life and act in my own best interest, I feel empowered.

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Glastonbury As 's headliners are confirmed, dating not a relationship are Glastonbury Festival's greatest ever acts. I was in a healthy, loving, relationship for 6 years. Yes, in both cases, the same red flags were hidden beneath the surface and in the end his true colours came out — we found out he backed away from both of us when both of us started calling him out on his wishy washy behaviour and expected him to step up to the plate.

So I told him to call me when he was sure. Okay…you guys started it and I have to chime in. You need to keep seeing the person in the flesh to continue your discovery.


Within a couple of months, he had told me he loved me. It never even occurred to me that they were getting defensive because they recognized through my questions that I might be qualifying THEM and they had a high chance of being rejected themselves. These are the women who he wants to bring to his office Christmas party, who he can see bringing dating not a relationship to meet his parents, who he wants to explore the world with and make reservations at the cool new restaurant down the street with.

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We message almost daily, he has incorporated me into his group of friends to an extentand I know he has a real affection for me. It sounds like you did! Like you say not everyone has pure motives for asking you out but am curious what you ask etc.

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And even though my friends and the media, including Ryan Seacrest, have referred to him as my boyfriend.