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This is a new complete set with bushings and mounting screws. Rust is a must This set is in great shape functionally and cosmetically and has all original parts. These tuners have a ratio of Introducing the new Kluson Revolution Replacing the Soundboard on a Martin D The base plate for the tuners also has a more rounded look to it with the edges less defined.

Very hard to find. Pictures, history for Gibson solidbody vintage datings kluson tuners. A drop or two goes a long way, wiping with a cloth. Full set of 6.

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Ferrules and mounting screws included. But more importantly, notice the lack of a second tuner post hole on the opposite side of the gear cover blue arrow. The Kluson Contemporary Series I'll try to take pictures later, if I can find the time. There are no bushings or mounting screws, you'll have to come up with those separately.

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Burst Serial Log Home Page. What's the difference between single, double, or no line?

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Check any Kluson for that. I know I have. They are in excellent cosmetic and functioning condition.

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