Dating aquarius man yahoo Dating a Aquarius man??

Dating aquarius man yahoo

Personal relationship advice based on your natal and composite charts.

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If so, just run. Don't expect her to fit into the stereotypical housewife mold, either. Guys of every sign can be guilty of this, and women of every sign get fooled by it.

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Being an Aquarius myself, I got to know myself better. Aquarius likes the know someone and everything in the deepest corners of their mind, but once they do its off to the next one.

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I still cannot forget him - sometimes that is because they are so good with words but sometimes it's the shock and disbelief at how quickly they change and the fact they will never explain why they are doing what they're doing. Anonymous I had similar experience with an aquarius man.

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After all this, does it still sound like he's in it just for play-time? Relationships Select your sign and your partners sign I am In love with my aqua man by: Are libras air or dating aquarius man yahoo signs? Can Aquarius men date Capricorn women?

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All woman deserve better than that little boy mentality. Anonymous Well by most male aquarious having this unpredictable mind. I asked him what does he want from me and he stated eventually he would like it to be just me and him in a relationship; but he isn't trying to rush anything and then we rush in the relationship and then our friendship is done if the relationship ends.

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SS Sammy Styles Dec 3, I'm not a slut or friend with benefit. He will come around again and each time he does he will notice something else that interests him. I get the feeling that he really likes me but is scared to death of a relationship, plus I'm a few years older and I think it intimidates him.

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My friends say we have the relationship just not the title which I so crave. They want experience and want to know but will ditch you once succeeded, it could even be seen as cold or selfish.

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But I like him so much, we get along patrika match making software well. I did start to really like him and enjoy the banter, but was glad that i didn't have anything to loose, as i never slept with him.

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He is never with anyone. So we have been, the thing is he hardly calls me.