Dating antique school desks Refinishing An Antique Schooldesk

Dating antique school desks, advertisement

There is also a chrome dating antique school desks on the bottom for schoolbooks and personal belongings.

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Post was not sent - check your email addresses! In order to keep the desk together, the knobs insert into the holes and then have to slide in between the holes.

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Strip it naked and put some new clothes on it. Often featuring elaborate cast iron designs and beautiful craftsmanship, antique school desks bear little resemblance to the plastic and steel furniture currently featured in most modern schools.

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Antique School Desk - Anybody.???

The wood on his is pretty much original and they seem to be maple. They are even still attached together in a row. Ask me how I dating antique school desks Lifting the top reveals graffiti You can place the desk so kids can access both the seat and the storage compartment.

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Join Date May Posts They also provide a nostalgic feel, which is always nice in a child's room. Hubs flipped the thing over, eyed it from several angles, and figured it out.

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My daughter just started her second year of teaching and I thought of it as a gift to her. Others had a simple open shelf.

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Was professionally refinished in Some of the desks were long and allowed for seating for two children while others were designed for one student to sit at. And sanded the finish off. So of course, nothing happened.

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Once I banged the seat about an inch over, the metal knobs were aligned with the holes and I was able to wiggle the wood parts off. Would they swarm into my garage the second the power sander turned on with pitchforks and torches?

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Function, then form, then looks. Antique school desks made by Anna Breadin where elaborately designed. You must have so much patience.

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I saw solutions from household bleach to wood bleach to hydrogen peroxide to vinegar to mineral spirits. I am not an engineer, so I was terrified of breaking something. When he died, my brother and I flipped for who went 1st for the 6 or 8 most valuable things in his estate. I spotted some screws underneath where the metal contacts the wood and removed them.

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The paint did not come out of the wood grain, so I lost interest. And I have a third one, already refinished. If it does, then you do your careful research about restoration without destroying value. Some desks featured a separate chair and desk surface.