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His family are in Nigeria, so I havent met them yet. If only they knew that I had been dating a nigerian man in uk in all this time!

I confronted him and he said it was true but that he didn't love her like that anymore and that they're not together and that he didn't want her to pull his bail and end up back in jail.

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Investrust Bank loans out Kbn Jack on What is it that attracts the numerous Nigerian men to Zambian ladies leading them to the altar right across the globe? Nigeria; his good outweighed the bad flirtatious natureand when he was ready to settle down, his level of commitment skyrocketed to an extent that even scared me a little.

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Jamaican men do as much as they are allowed to do. A nigerian man knows how to express his love to a woman, has a caring attitude towards the woman, and wants to show you he is there for you. The gentlemen quite rightly suggested that being outnumbered can deplete their supply of women rapidly and can affect the mix in the pot local population.

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Said I never go for a nigerian man again. So why do Nigerian men have to be so honest and marry you.

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ColumnistsLady C. One thing was evident, however, and that was that he had a great upbringing. Please ibeg ask you want to see his house.

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Not sure what this site is about Yes our men and women look aggressive. Many of them would have been better off having never been born. I would like to thank Mr.

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I could see a look of pride when he did so as well. Most of our men are looking for women who should be looking after them and once they achieve certain things in life the decide to leave u. There were several reasons for this.

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At all the posts. Treatment of our woman is poor and not valued…… by our dear dear Zambian men!

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Primarily implying that Nigerian men were the most black male people were accustomed to meeting in the streets of London. Thanks for kicking off the conversation! Like going into the kitchen everyday to prepare his favorite recipe or give it to them the way they want it on bed.

If that was the case then even in Zambia we would have been overrun by Nigerian men, but this is not the case. Same way as all Nigerians are not criminals, pidgen English only speaking group of people or cultist money hungry Africans! Where as if you spend a full weekend with him and he claims he can't attend church that Sunday because dating sites under $20 are around.