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Cs go cheaters matchmaking, want to add to the discussion?

Real fucking eyeopener when I saw a team mate transfer a spray from market window to short almost perfectly.

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Needless to say had like hours on CS;GO, one game and 6 pages of comments all saying cheater. I have also noticed that there are more smurfers too.

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Also ppl would need an 21 lv acc with an cellphone number. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Hah cs go cheaters matchmaking last night on D2 I got a 4k on pistol round when they rushed A and I was on it by myself. When I'm not sure if someone was cheating or was just lucky I watch replays and usually it is more than luck: Along with 1 of the other hackers I encountered. Reddit globals are mad hehe.

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Pray that you get cs go cheaters matchmaking subtle hackers on your team than the opponent. I don't know what this program is, but i'm wondering what cooldowns this is registering. Jota View Profile View Posts.

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It makes MM a lot less competitive for me. Of course there is the usual spinbotting guy who spams his boosting service website in all chat, and the guy who headshots you through mid doors on Dust 2 5 times in a row. It's been a mess lately, I always check twice before acusing someone of cheating.

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With those hacked achievements and blatant walls. It just says BAN. MM is the biggest clusterfuck it's ever been right now. Edit Nearly forgot - the real try hards have a gold Pick'em trophy or operation coin but still no stickers or skins to be seen. And then I actually play the game to confirm that yes, indeed, its a complete mess right now. Even though, I don't play matchmaking a lot anymore, I can see a relation between the influx of cheaters and the decrease of vac-bans lately. You won't be able to vote or comment.

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Live 35 tick overwatch has to be a worse idea. It does not matter if it's Prime or none. It should only be for extreme cases though i.

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Nope you arent mate. Im tilting so hard atm. Therefore it is much easier for cheaters to get into mm. In my last 10 expat online dating dubai i have 12 KD.

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You can play from a different spot every round and yet this guy only ever prefires the exact spot you are playing Most of the ones I face simply wall and have awareness like no other.

What are you basing this claim on?

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Find the good stuff Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. Here's hoping that new anti-cheat that's been rumoured comes to fruition. A week later he still isn't banned, but I don't know how long those things take. I'm Global, last 3 games 5 were banned.

It's natural to want to fight back, and cheats are easy enough to obtain.