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Mitch is dating Jessica. But what I don't understand is, I don't see anyone complaining about ZexyZek or CaptainSparklez, even though both of them very rarely swear, keeping their channels completely PG but still pleasing their viewers.

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Adam seems to have had a are jeromeasf and bajancanadian dating with Mitch, and neither mention each other anymore. That's why I only watch his old videos. But who was the one that kicked him?

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On the anniversary of his parody he uploaded a parody of Moondust by James Young. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. The Darkness will win one day, and light's time being the winner is nearing it's end. Yeah, I know nobody really follows that rule but still, you can't complain about somebody's videos being "Child Un-friendly" because YouTube is a Child Un-friendly site.

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Minecraft in SharpClean HD! Sign In Don't have an account? I know I'm going to get a lot of year old trolls posting "In Benja we Trust" or some other catchphrase on here but whatever I don't care I'm posting it anyways. I legit loved Seto's videos, and the kick was a reason for me to like him more. I bet what happened was this: Retrieved from " http: People should just leave them alone. I have proof if you check the vid near the fire part Ashley's legs show up mashleyforlife.

Survival Games" and his ability to do parkour and give commentary at the same time. I am also very tired of going on sites for fanfiction, and seeing half of the stories being about the author's character and Mitch being in love Sign In Don't have an account?

Bacca are creatures composed entirely of fur. It is all for money.


Marketing your product to the appropriate demographic is just good business. Retrieved from " http: What happened to him!? Everyone in Team Crafted's views dropped significantly. They pressed on, but several months later, two days after adding their newest member Ryan to the group, Team Crafted lost 4 of its members in a single night.

B Even if it was Ashley, the animation was made by Rusplaying, a group of animators who would have no idea what's going on within Team Crafted.

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Goood this is defiantly the most stupid shipping ever!!! Hey guys this is a vid u might like about mashley.

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Selling out sucks, but it's routinely profitable. Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. I don't really care if Ashley is dating Mitch or not.